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Industrial Drying Equipment

Industrial Drying Equipment

Industrial Drying Tumbler Machine We are engaged in offering Drying Tumbler Machine to the clients. The Drying Tumbler Machine manufactured using cutting-edge technology and advanced machinery. Matching with international standards, our Drying Tumbler Machine is appreciated for its long service life and reliable performance. We offer the Front Loading, Open Pocket Industrial Drying Tumbler Machine at market leading prices to the clients. We are the best industrial drying tumbler machine manufactrurer in India.

Stainless Steel inner basket * Double Walled glass wool insulated

Outer body duly painted Electrically interlocked loading & unloading door, *No space required on sides of the machine

Electrically Controlled protection provided for Auto Timing, & auto reversing through Micro Controlled Base Cyclic Timer/PLC, Auto Digital Temperature controls

All controls front displayed with pilot lamps

V-Belt and pulley drive for low torque and high speed

Steam radiator/Electric Heaters : Made out of coil and aluminum fins for steam heated, or fin type air heating elements for electrically heated machine

Centrifugally balanced suction blower mounted directly on to the motor

Electric, Steam or thermal fluid heated

Model Capacity Dry Wt. Per charge Basket size volume Drive Motor & Blower motor Main door openi ng Heating Net Wt/Shipping wt. Shipping Size W*D*H Shipping Vol.
Steam Connection consumption Electric Load Thermal fluid connection consumption Diesel Consumption Overall Dimensions W*D*H App
LEW/D T/15 15Kg Ø800*6 00D 300 Lts. 0.37 KW 0.37 KW 4500m m 0.5” BSP 25Kg /Hr 9KW 0.5”*0.5”BSP 10,000 Kcal/Hr - 910*1190*1770 295Kg/460Kg 1210*1390*1970 3.31 M3
LEW/D T/30 30Kg Ø950*8 50 D 602 Lts. 0.75K W 0.75K W 650m m 0.5” BSP 40Kg /Hr 18KW 0.5”*0.5”BSP 20,0000 Kcal/Hr 2.5Lts./Hr 1060*1500*1980 565Kg/1785Kg 1260*1700*2100 4.5 M2
LEW/D T/60 60Kg Ø1250* 980 D 1202 Lts. 1.5KW 800m m 0.5” BSP 80Kg /Hr,36K W,1.0”*1 .0”BS P 40,000 Kcal/ Hr,5Lts./Hr,1350 *169 0*23 00 36KW 1.0”*1.0”BSP 40,000 Kcal/Hr 5Lts./Hr 1350*1690*2300 890Kg/1190Kg 2050*2500*2950 15.12M3
LEW/D T/120 120Kg Ø1600* 1200 D 2411 Lts. 3.75K W 1.5 KW- 2 Nos. 1000 mm 1”BS P 150K g/Hr,1.5”*1 .5”BS P 80,000 Kcal/ Hr,7.5 Lts./Hr,1750 *219 0*27 50 - 1.5”*1.5”BSP 80,000 Kcal/Hr 7.5 Lts./Hr 1750*2190*2750 1720Kg/2190kg 2050*2500*2950 15.12 M3

Additional Information:

Min. Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Other
Delivery Time 30-40 days
Packaging Details PVC Corrugated/ Wooden cage