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Industrial Dry Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Perc Dry cleaning machine

We are considered as a prominent PERC Dry Cleaning Machine Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier. The PERC Dry Cleaning Equipment that we supply has a smartly designed Dry cleaning machine X Computer along with high quality Electric Components and Spin filter. PERC Dry Cleaning Equipment is highly demanded by various laundries and commercial as well as industrial dry cleaning setups.

Works with Perchlorethylene Solvent (C2Cl4)

Carbon Stainless Steel structure, extend the life of machine

Absolute recycle with full closed cooling system, protects environment and energy saving

Large flux and renewable nylon filter, make garment cleaner

Entire computer control, satisfy with every requirements of the washing procedures

Multi points monitor of temperature and pressure, ensure machines safety and reliability

Large distillation box, satisfy with all the requirements of distillation amount

Three solvent tanks, satisfy with the requirement of washing multi-color garment

Advanced electrical heating model and steam heating model, saving Energy

World famous electronic and refrigeration components, ensure the stability of machine

Dry cleaning machine X Computer

Used while dry-cleaning any product, the Dry cleaning machine X Computer, offered by us, is extensively demanded by the clients. We offer the Dry cleaning machine X Computer in both manual as well as automatic features.


Automatic alarm of errors

Multi points temperature controls

Ergonomic design

Operate simply


Electric Components

We provide High quality Electric Components that ensure the machine runs with no error. This Electric Components is known for its excellent make and advanced features due to which it is demanded widely.

Spin Filter

We provide Spin Filter that has large flux and renewable nylon filter. This ensures appropriate cleaning of solvent. The Spin Filter is known for its effectiveness and excellent performance

Model Wash cap. Drum Vol. Wash Speed Extract Speed Total Power Motor Tank Volume Distillation Tank Distillation speed Electrical Heated Power Dimention (mm)
Weight (Kgs)
Tank 1 Tank 2 Tank 3 Distill Dry
LEW/ DCP/15 8 Kg 120 L 34 RPM 370 RPM 4 KW 112 L 127 L 112 L 175 L 180 L/H 6 KW 4.5KW 2040x1690
800 Kg
LEW/DCP/18 10 Kg 150 L 34 RPM 370 RPM 4 KW 112 L 127 L 112 L 175 L 180 L/H 6 KW 4.5 KW 2040x1690
850 Kg
LEW/DCP/20 12 Kg 180 L 34 RPM 370 RPM 4.5 KW 112 L 127 L 112 L 175 L 180 L/H 6 KW 4.5 KW 2040x1690
LEW/DCP/28 15 Kg 220 L 34 RPM 370 RPM 4.5KW 129 L 147 L 129 L 175 L 180 L/H 6 KW 4.5KW 2040x1690
950 Kg