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Industrial Washing Equipment

Side/Top Loading Industrial Washing Machine

We bring forth technologically advanced Side Loading Washing Machine for the clients. Manufactured from high- grade components and parts, the Side Loading Washing Machines match with the international standards. Our Side Loading Washing Machine is widely acclaimed for its user friendly operations and quick washing. The Side Loading Washing Machine is therefore high on demand in the market.

Side Loading, open pocket, single & Double door

Ideal for larger laundries

Performs all Type of Wash with soap, detergent, bleaching, acid, stone or any chemical wash including dying

Complete Stainless Steel Inner basket & Outer drum

Electrically & mechanically interlocked, S.S. Loading & Unloading doors

S.S. hopper & Heater box *M.S. trunnion shaft and Epoxy painted structure frame

Electrical Control : Well protected for performance & Auto Timed, Auto Reverse through Micro Controlled Base Cyclic Timer / PLC and Auto Digital Temperature control

Protective device against single phasing, reverse phasing and motor overload

Front display of controls through pilot lamps, push buttons etc. Water level indication

Electric, Steam or thermal fluid heated

Mod el Capacit y Dry Wt. Per charge Basket size volume Wash Motor Main door Opening Water Connection/ Consumption App Drain Heating Over all Dimension s W* D* H App Net Wt/Shipping wt. Shipping Size W*D*H Shipping Vol.
stream connection consumption Electric Load Thermal fluid connection consumption
LEW/ WM/S /15 15Kg Ø600x 700 D 197Lts. 0.75 KW 400x30 0 1.0’BSPx95 Lts/FILL 2” 0.5””BSP 15Kg/Hr 6KW -- 1300x730 x980 300Kg/410 Kg 1600x1030x 1280 1.94 M2
LEW/ WM/S /30 30Kg Ø700 x960 D 370Lts. 0.75 KW 560x36 0 1.0”BSPx18 0Lts/FILL 2.5” 0.5””BSP 30Kg/Hr 12KW 1”x1”BSP 10,000 Kcal/Hr 1560x890 x1100 475Kg/600 Kg 1860x1200x 1400 3.12 M3
LEW/ WM/S /60 60Kg Ø910x 1130 D 735Lts. 2.2K w 660x410 1.5”BSPx36 5 Lts/FILL 3.0” 0.5””BSP 60Kg/Hr 24KW 1”x1”BSP 20,000 Kcal/Hr 1930x111 0x1200 850Kg/1525 Kg 2250x1400x 1500 4.73 M3
LEW/ WM/S /120 120Kg Ø1200 x1510 D 1435Lts. 5.5K W 810x46 0 2.0”BSPx73 0 Lts/FILL 4.0” 0.5”BSP 120Kg/Hr 36KW 1”x1”BSP 40,000 Kcal/Hr 2520x130 0x1350 1235 Kg/1525 Kg 2800x1600x 1500 6.94 M3
LEW/ WM/S /240 240Kg Ø1120 x3000 D 2954 Lts. 11.2K W 810x46 0 2Nos 3.0”BSPx14 50 Lts/FILL 6.0” 0.5””BSP 240Kg/Hr - 1”x1 ”BSP 80,00 0 Kcal/ Hr 6050x170 0x1750 3400 Kg/ 2875Kg 4600x1600x 1500 11.40 M3
LEW/ WM/S /480 480Kg Ø 1360x4 000 D 5807 Lts. 15K W 810x46 0 3Nos 4.0”BSPx29 00 Lts/FILL 8.0” 0.5””BSP 480Kg/Hr - 1”x1 ”BSP 1,60, 000 Kcal/ Hr 4330x130 0x1350 4225Kg/885 0Kg 6350x2050x 1950 25.40 M3

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Other
Delivery Time 30-40 days
Packaging Details PVC Corrugated/ Wooden cage